Blacks win on the road

Clydebank 5, Stewartry 18

Clydebank’s kick-off was secured by Stewartry forwards who attacked quickly. The ball went out to right winger Fergusson. Running on to crash ball at pace, he charged up the wing, breaking through three tackles to score under the posts. Mosey’s conversion gave the Blacks a seven-point lead with only two minutes gone.

In the eighth minute the first kickable penalty was given on the Stewartry 22 because the Blacks held on to the ball on the ground. Clydebank went for a lineout seven metres from the Stewartry line but Porteous took the ball allowing David Kerr to clear.

Securing their own throw at another lineout inside the Blacks’ 22, the home pack drove forward over the Stewartry line but the ball was held up. At the five-metre scrum, the home side took the heel. The ball came out to their number 10 who kicked for a drop goal but hit the post.

Counter-attacking, Stewartry knocked on 10 metres from the Clydebank line. At the scrum the home pack took the heel but good pressure from Cammy Fenwick made a Clydebank player knock on giving the Blacks a five-metre scrum. Again the home pack pushed Stewartry back, allowing Clydebank to spoil and get a turnover but they were penalised for not releasing the ball and Mosey added another three points with the penalty for a half-time score at 0-10.

The second period started with a Clydebank forward catching the restart inside their own 22 but superb follow-up by the Stewartry pack won a turnover. Ian Fenwick picked up the ball at the back of the ruck, went left and passed to Smith who crashed over the home line for an unconverted try.

With 46 minutes gone, Stewartry, deep inside their own 22, gave away a penalty for handling on the ground. The home side took a quick tap kick and drove in to score an unconverted try.

Clydebank won the ball in a lineout which turned into a ruck but they were penalised for handling on the ground, and Mosey put another three points on the board.

Midway through the second period McMorran went on to replace Broll and Thomson substituted for D Kerr and, with 15 minutes remaining, Hogg replaced McCarney. In the last 10 minutes Riddick replaced Fergusson and, reluctantly, J Kerr came off to be replaced by Sainsbury.

With five minutes left the Blacks were penalised for not rolling away from the tackle, giving Clydebank another penalty and again they went for a lineout. Porteous spoiled to deny the home forwards good possession.

Cannon came off to be replaced by McCulloch. At a scrum in Stewratry territory the Blacks broke up the left wing but were stopped. Clydebank secured the ball but they too were stopped. At the ruck Muir came in and got a turnover and made ground into home territory but in the tackle the ball was knocked on.

At the scrum in the last minute the Blacks were penalised for collapsing taking the game to full-time.

If Clydebank had taken all the kickable penalties the score might have been different. The Blacks need to cut down the unforced errors.

Stewartry: J Fingland, C Fergusson, J Muir, Danny Boyd, T J McCarney, C Mosey, D Kerr, I McMorran, D Burton, T Cannon, M Smith, R Porteous, C Fenwick, J Kerr, I Fenwick (captain), M McCulloch, S Broll, H Sainsbury, S Hogg, K Riddick, D Thomson.