Blacks slump to opening day defeat

Stewartry's scrum struggled against the Carrick pack
Stewartry's scrum struggled against the Carrick pack

Carrick 56, Stewartry 13

It was a warm but windy afternoon which saw Stewartry travel to Carrick for their first game in the new RBS West Division Two league.

The first ruck in the game saw Carrick come in from the side and give away a penalty, allowing Craig Mosey put Stewartry’s first three points on the board.

The home team, with a couple of new forwards, soon took the advantage in the scrum to exert pressure on the Blacks. Off the back of a scrum Carrick broke away up the right wing but were stopped short of the Stewartry line. From the ruck the home side went the other way, scoring their first try left of the posts but missing the conversion.

With 10 minutes gone Stewartry got a penalty on the home 22 but the kick went wide. After some midfield play Carrick got a penalty on the visitors’ 22 but it also went wide.

Some good connecting play took the Blacks back into the home half but they were stopped outside the 22. Carrick’s strong scrum began to give the visitors problems in the front row. After three consecutive scrums Ian Fenwick picked up to come back inside but was stopped by hard tackling.

Holding on to the ball in the ruck, Carrick gave away a penalty. The Blacks took a quick tap, catching the home side out for not being back 10 metres. Another penalty took Stewartry up to the home 22 for a lineout but the throw was not straight. Carrick’s squint put-in to the following scrum gave the Blacks another penalty.

Taking another quick tap saw the ball go to Liam Henderson who charged to the Carrick line. John Kerr gave good support and ran in a try which was converted by Craig Mosey.

After 23 minutes the Blacks gave away a penalty on their 10-metre line giving Carrick three more points.

Into the second quarter Leod Ballantine substituted Liam Henderson. The home scrum continued to give the Blacks problems and Carrick got three points for a penalty on the Stewartry 22 for offside. Carrick then notched another three points because the Blacks were offside again.

With five minutes to go in the first period Jordan Jamieson replaced Ian McMorran and Danny Burton moved to prop. A scrum on halfway saw Carrick break up the left wing for a converted try.

Soon after Carrick started the second half with the wind behind them Liam Henderson went back on to replace Tom Hall who had a dislocated finger. Callum Ferguson was substituted by David Thomson.

Ten minutes into to the third quarter the home side won another scrum allowing them to charge up the left wing for a converted try out wide.

John Kerr went off after being hit by a big tackle and was replaced by Henry Sainsbury. Carrick won a scrum eight metres from the Stewartry line. The ball came out to the scrum-half who nipped in to score behind the posts. The convertion went straight between the uprights, taking the score to 32-13.

In the last quarter Carrick kept up the pressure in the scrum getting a pushover try from 10 metres out which was converted.

Callum Walker replaced Leod Ballantine. With 12 minutes left, more home pressure brought them another try but the convertion missed.

Ballantine and McMorran went back on replacing Andrew Kerr and Jordan Jamieson. With five minutes left Stewartry got a lineout on the home 22. The Blacks charged to the Carrick line but were stopped short allowing the home side to clear.

Carrick broke from their own half down the left wing to get another converted try.

At the restart the ball came to the Blacks but the clearing kick into the wind gave Carrick possession again. This allowed them to get up the right wing for the last try in the game.

Stewartry: J Muir, A Kerr, C Ferguson, Danny Boyd, J Fingland, C Mosey, J Farquhar, S Broll, D Burton, I McMorran, T Hall, R Porteous, J Kerr, I Fenwick (captain), J Jamieson, H Sainsbury, C Walker, L Ballantine, D Thomson.