Area event for riders at Castlefields

S&DRC -  Zoe Wilson and Busker in action'Photo credit - Daniel Makinson
S&DRC - Zoe Wilson and Busker in action'Photo credit - Daniel Makinson

On Sunday the 31st August at Castlefields, Stranraer & District Riding Club held their annual Arena Event in memory of Katie Cumming, a former member of the club who loved cross country and anything connected with it.

The weather was kind and the ground was good and an excellent turnout of competitors turned out to support the club and jump a fantastic course built by Debs Millington and her helpers. The course consisted of some show jumps and some working hunter jumps with trees, bales and sheep to make it more challenging for those competing.

The classes started with a 50cm round which had a lead rein rider and two juniors and one senior. Three competitors finished the course; one was led round by her dad who deserved a rosette after running round 21 jumps. Krissie Ramsay on Shadow kept a steady rhythm all the way round to take 1st place.

In the 60cm class Caitlin McClorey riding Dapper had a fantastic round in 2mins 27secs, they really looked as though they both really enjoyed themselves.

When the course went up to 75cms, there were enough competitors to split the class into juniors and seniors. In the junior section Becky McKinstry on her new ride, Diva had a lovely round in 2mins10secs and nothing distracted them as they completed the track with no faults or knockdowns. There was only 1 second between Becky and Zoe Wilson on her pony, Busker.

Ricky Whorlow on his big horse Monty, had a great round and completed all 21 jumps in a time of 2mins 29secs to win his section.

In the pairs class Abbey Kelly on Kinvana Archie and Katie McNeil on Roxy rode beautifully to take first place.

The course was adjusted to a height of 85cms and 2 juniors and 5 seniors came forward. In the junior section Abbey Kelly completed the course in 2 mins 9 secs, only 1 second ahead of Zoe Wilson . A great ride by both juniors.

In the senior section Nadine Scott riding Squire won a red rosette with a lovely steady clear round, 4 seconds ahead of Liz jones on Alfie. Both combinations looked as though they were having a blast.

In the 95cm senior class a beautiful silver Quaich was up for grabs ,in memory of Katy Cumming & it was with great pleasure that Katie’s nieces came forward to present it to her close friend Debs Millington on her horse April, who just managed to pip Shirley Panter on VDL Cavalier into second place. In the junior section Amy Hall on her lovely young horse Miami Pandemonium had a fantastic round clearing all the jumps in 2 mins 17secs.

The last class of the day saw the jumps go up to 105cms and with 4 juniors and 4 seniors attempting it there was some tight competition. The junior section was won by Racheal Baillie on her pony, Connie who flew round in 2mins exactly! The fastest time of the entire day.

The senior section had a beautiful Trophy donated by Katy’s husband, Peter and it was Liz gay on her lovely horse Misty who collected the red rosette and Trophy which was presented by Katy’s nieces.

We also held a raffle in aid of Dogs for the Disabled which raised £76.50.

At the end of the days competing we had one last presentation, Our vice-chairman, Daniel Makinson was 21 and he was presented with a cake and balloons to mark the occasion.

A fantastic day was had by all and it was lovely to see our members having fun. Thankyou to everyone who helped in any way.

The next S&DRC competition is on Sunday 7th September at Castlefields for this year’s Charity Show. For details see our website


50 cm – 1st Krissie Ramsay and Shadow; 2nd Yvonne Coburn and William; 3rd Ruby McCornick and Ollie.

60 cm – 1st Caitlin McClorey and Dapper; 2nd Yvonne Coburn and William; 3rd Alison Yellowlees and Ross.

75 cm Juniors – 1st Becky McKinstry and Diva; 2nd Zoe Wilson and Busker; 3rd Caitlin McClorey and Dapper

75 cm Seniors – 1st Ricky Whorlow and Monty.

85 cm Juniors – 1st Abbey Kelly and Kinvara Archie; 2nd Zoe Wilson and Busker.

85 cm Seniors – 1st Nadine Scott and Squire; 2nd Liz Jones and Alfie; 3rd Ricky Whorlow and Monty;

85 cm Pairs – 1st Abbey Kelly and Archie and Katie McNeiland Roxy.

95 cm Juniors – 1st Amy Hall and Miami Pandemonium; 2nd Robyn Bendall and Henry; 3rd Kerren McGrane and Ollie

95 cm Seniors – 1st Debs Millington and April; 2nd Shirley Panter and VDL Cavalier; 3rd Liz Gay and Misty

1.05 m Juniors – 1st Rachael Baillie and Connie; 2nd Robyn Bendall and Henry; 3rd Amy Hall and Miami Pandemonium

1.05 m Seniors – 1st Liz Gay and Misty; 2nd Shirley Panter and VDL Cavalier; 3rd Joss Midgley and Loui Jones