Anglers left floundering

This week the fishing round-up is very much a case of Trout Anglers 1, Coarse and Sea 
Anglers 0. While the fluff-flinging brigade have been cleaning up on still waters, the sea anglers have been having a dire time on the shore.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21st April 2013, 3:30 pm
Top rod in the latest Peever Sea Anglers match, Victor Roberts.
Top rod in the latest Peever Sea Anglers match, Victor Roberts.

The persistent easterlies were still prevalent last week, ruining any chance of a decent fish or two and testimony to this was the latest round of Peever Club matches. The Kirkcudbright-based organisation boasts some of the best sea anglers in south-west Scotland, with more than a fair share of international rods, but the tale of the day was one of frustration. Top bag went to local Victor Roberts with two dogfish for a combined weight of 3lb 05oz. Second was Alec Bell, Killmarnock, with one dogfish and two small flounder. Third was Bob Drennan with three flounder.The heaviest fish went to Paul McKie, a flounder at 1lb 05oz.

The signs are promising with the wind patterns changing and temperatures set to improve. If there are any fish about at the usual early season haunts this weekend, they should be obliging. Fish baits: sandeel, mackerel or bluey will all score, as will lug and rag worm.


Bream fishing is still a bit hit and miss but if you find the fish, persevere with little and often feed tactics, as over feeding at this time of year will kill the sport. Pike are still proving elusive but be prepared to go looking for them. At this time of year, with the water still cold, a roving angler will outscore a static angler.

Looking forward to next month and the hopeful rise in temperature should see the summer fishing kick in with the tench starting to wake up. Early season tench tactics would be a three-four day pre-baiting plan then get on the water as the dawn chorus fills the air. The fish will give their presence away by “fizzing”, as they send thousands of pinprick bubbles to the surface.

On The Take

In what can only be des­cribed as Baltic conditions, four hardy souls set out to fish the McDowall Cup at Kirriereoch Loch last Sunday in the teeth of a south-easterly. Fish were very hard to come by, with just six banked, and only two of them making the measure. Winner of the sweep was Andrew Costley with the biggest fish of the day, but unfortunately he could not win the cup because he is a junior. It was won by J Galloway.

The Wilson Cup which had been scheduled for March 24 (the weekend of the snow) will now be fished on Sunday, April 28, at Fyntalloch Loch.

The commercial waters are red hot at the moment. Jack’s Trout Fishery was the venue for “five good anglers” last weekend, with the top rod taking no fewer than 13 fish and the others weren’t too far behind, Orange Blob and Yellow Dancers doing the damage.

Glenquicken was the choice of a Newton Stewart angler who managed to bank 17 fish, while a visitor took three doubles in one session on a Pheasant Tail Nymph.

At the time of writing, the rain is lashing down and the river is rising steadily. Hopefully there will be an odd salmon or two to report next week.