Anderson draw at St Medan

St Medan Golf Club

Draw for the Anderson Trophy to be played on Saturday, May 21:

1.00pm - Beryl Niven and Ann Cairns (St) v Debbie Gunby and Marion Cluckie (W&B)

1.10pm - Gwen Robson and C McIntosh (WC) v Maureen Morton and Lilian McMiken (StM)

1.20pm - Elizabeth Leggat and Elaine Gerrard (D) v Helena Fox and Morag McLean (NS)

1.30pm - Helen Hamilton and Norma Lammie (S) v Alison Cloy and Pauline Cawthra (NS)

1.40pm - Glenda Dewar and Alison Murray (D) v Muriel Duncan and Aileen Kirk (StM)

1.50pm - Cilla Strain and Angie Collins (W&B) v Maria Cowan and C Smith (WC)

2.00pm - Lynn Allan and Joyce Maitland (NS) v Anne Wilson and Marianne Hall (D)

2.10pm - Kerry McWilliam and Sally Huntley (WC) v Sharon Milvan and Lydia Cairns (W&B)

2.20pm - Elsie McKillop and Pat Lucas (StM) v Jackie Hart and Ann Smith (S)

2.30pm - Evelyn McLellan and Ann Ballantynew (StM) v C Brown and C Tipton (WC)

2.40pm - Jackie Wright and Katie Wright (S) v Jean Brennan and Gina Grebbin (D)

2.50 Sandra McGinn and Helen Bark (W&B) v Sally Moore and Mary Campbell (NS)