Amazing turnout at Barstobrick

Enjoying the CHristmas Fun Day
Enjoying the CHristmas Fun Day

Dumfries and Galloway Area British Driving Society had an amazing turnout at the annual long reining fancy dress fun day held at Barstobrick Equestrian Centre.

It was great to see new faces at this fun day which started many years ago. In thoses days organisers were lucky to get seven or eight competitors, now it has snowballed and it takes both arenas to accommodate all the ponies coming forward.

The costumes were outstanding resulting in a variety of different ideas. It was good to see several of the new drivers who have been attending recent training days, and the members also enjoyed meeting members from the Dumfries side who actually did very well as you will see from the results and the members hope they will join them again at some of the drives during the summer months.

At the end of the day Helen and her helpers served up a lovely meal which was enjoyed by all.


Fancy Dress Juniors

1st Sianna Dove

2nd Ainee Vance

3rd Emma Bowden

4th Mhari Hume

5th Lexy Donaldson

6th Skye Findlater

Fancy Dress Seniors

1st Megan Dickinson-Hood

2nd Sue Munroe

3rd Jane McCulloch

4th Kerry Austin-Baird

5th Lesley Ferguson

6th Beth Anderson

Long Reining Juniors

1st Mhari Hume

2nd Lucy Bell

3rd Leigh Vance

4th Katie McCulloch

5th Macey McCulloch

6th Emma Bowden

Long Reining Seniors

1st Gill Pearcey

2nd Megan Dickinson-Hood

3rd Olive Lynn

4th Graham Findlater

5th Kerry Austin-Baird

6th Jack Bell

Group Prize

1st Wizard of Oz (Jane McCulloch, Olive Lynn, Lewis Thorburn, Macey & Katie McCulloch