A real boxing treat at Bravehearts show

Boxing fans enjoyed a real treat at the final Bravehearts Amateur Boxing Club’s final show of the season with seven scoring bouts.

The warm-up started with round-robin skills bouts fought by youngsters from the Doon Valley ABC and Glasgow North ABC.

The first individual bout featured Hayden Fairhurst, six year old son of bill topping Ryan Fairhurst, against Alan Stevenson of Doon Valley, over three 30-second rounds.

The next bout was also a skills bout between 10 year-old Braveheart John Jolly, and Mackenzie Ross of Nith Valley ABC.

Jolly used his height and reach to good advantage, sitting behind his jab. Ross retaliated with some fast flurries and had a better second round, but the third round was all Jolly who pressed forward from the bell, getting the better of his smaller opponent.

Next up was another favourite with the home crowd, Gavin Martin, against Jordan English from Cleator Moor ABC.

As usual, Martin started off at top speed, throwing punches from all angles. Martin began doubling up with clean head shots, but English replied with nice straight jabs towards the end of the first.

It was more of the same in round two and in the final round, Martin slowed up and threw some useful body shots, but English used good footwork to get out of range. The judges awarded the split decision to Martin.

James Brawls was the next Braveheart to climb into the ring, taking on Jack O’Keefe of Doon Valley ABC.

From the start Brawls went in with good doubles, pushing O’Keefe back, and even after two great head shots from O’Keefe, he kept pressing forward. Brawls looked to be tiring as the bell sounded to end the second round.

In the third, Brawls started well, but O’Keefe used his jab well, and put together a few good combinations to earn a unanimous decision from the judges.

The next bout, between Ewan Smith and Anthony Maguire of North Glasgow ABC was reduced to an exhibition bout because of the weight difference, and it provided the only knock out of the tournament.

The fifth bout of the evening was between Braveheart Liam Smith and Evan Jones of Furness Catholic ABC.

Smith went straight into the attack, throwing punches under Jones’ guard. In the third, Smith tore in to the attack. Both boxers kept up the pace with toe to toe trading, and when the judges’ cards were handed in, the split decision went to the visiting Jones, much to the displeasure of the audience.

The sixth bout featuring Kian Carnochan against Kayden Hull of Carlisle Villa, had been an on/off match for a week, as both boxers tried to get their weights close enough for the fight to go ahead.

The pair have sparred in the past, and although Hull is a stronger more experienced boxer, both were keen for the fight to go ahead, which it did. Unfortunately, Carnochan was out-gunned from the start. In the final round, Hull started to control the centre of the ring, pushing Carnochan into the corners, and a four shot combination to the head earned Carnochan a standing eight count. There was no doubt of the unanimous decision for Hull.

Next into the ring was the ever popular District and National Title holder Tyler Jolly, against Dastan Kamil of North Glasgow ABC.

Although Jolly turns it on for the Scottish and District fights, he has a habit of doing just enough work to do the business at club level, and that was the case again in this bout.

Kamil charged in from the bell, head low, throwing swinging lefts and rights, with Jolly happy to back off and pick him off with sharp doubles on the counter. Round two was more of the same, with Jolly side stepping Kamil’s low charges, but the Glasgow boxer was managing to catch Jolly with some of his big hooks.

In the third Jolly began switching between orthodox and southpaw, retreating left and right, picking off Kamil on the breaks, as his corner roared at him to double up and box Kamil.

Once again, he did just enough to claim the split decision when the judges’ cards were handed in.

Graeme Service was next in the ring taking on Daban Kamil of North Glasgow ABC. Southpaw Graeme started well, fighting off the breaks as Kamil pressed forward with decent head and body shots. In round two, Service used his footwork to make Kamil miss, but Kamil covered well and most of Service’s combination were taken on the gloves and forearms.

In the third, Service had to defend. It was a decent bout, with the unanimous decision going to Kamil.

Bravehearts’ Sam Mactier and Daniel Purves were together for an exhibition bout in order to give them some ring time before the end of the season.

With the big weight difference, it was a chance for both boxers to showboat and try out some unorthodox moves, much to the delight of the crowd.

After two rounds of exhibition sparring, the third round saw some heavy punches being thrown, and eventually, Purves quite rightly told his corner he was calling it a day after shipping a couple of heavy head shots from Mactier.

The penultimate bout of the evening was a heavyweight contest between Kit Wright and Jay McFarlane of Clydeview ABC. It was a fast start by both boxers, each wanting to set the pattern, but it was McFarlane who used his height and reach to best advantage.

The third round was a classic heavyweight affair, more shouldering and pushing with the odd punches from both boxers finding their target. However, the decision was a unanimous win for the visitor in the blue corner.

The top of the bill was a revenge match between Ryan Fairhurst and Nicholas Thorneycroft of Carlisle Villa ABC, who beat Fairhurst during their last encounter.

It was a slow start as they sized each other up, in fact it was about 20 seconds before a decent punch was thrown, but after that it was action all the way. Fairhurst trapped Thorneycroft in the red corner, and landed some ferocious combinations.

Round two was untidy but the third round was all action from the bell, with the crowd on their feet as both boxers exchanged blows in the centre of the ring. When the scores were tallied, it was a split decision in favour of Fairhurst.