Praise for day centres

WITH Christmas now just a fond memory – and having seen in the New Year with thoughts turning to what 2012 might bring – can I take the opportunity to thank the Coronation Day Centre on behalf of the many invited guests for the delicious Christmas dinner and a delightful day spent in the company of such pleasant people.

The dinner was very tasty, from the home-made soup to the filled plates of turkey and all the trimmings. The food provided was of a very high standard and professionally cooked and served. This speaks volumes about those who work and offer their services, many voluntarily, to make sure our elderly people are well looked-after, not just at Christmas but throughout the year as well. These are the unsung heroes within our society and we owe these people a debt of thanks.

Thanks must also go to the Guides and Brownies who provided an extra Christmas table gift to everyone attending the Christmas dinner. They are to be congratulated for their thoughts and generosity.

My dear friend Des was his usual self at announcing the many day centre members who had excelled throughout the year and came forward to be presented with their trophies. It was a pleasure to share with these people their achievements and it really drove home to me the stimulation day centres provide to keep the elderly, the infirm and those less fortunate than ourselves physically and mentally active.

But, as with most good things, these quickly come to an end when we are brought down to earth with a thud.

What are the councillors who continually vote against properly funding day centres thinking about? Do they really know what goes on at these day centres. Perhaps they would care to explain their understanding and thinking in regard to day centres.

I hope I am invited again next Christmas (and for future Christmases) when I hope common sense either prevails among all these councillors who keep voting against the day centres or will we have to take it upon ourselves to change those who continually vote against increased funding and threaten the very existence of our valuable day centres?

R C Wallace,

50 Fairhurst Road, Stranraer.