Young Galloway voters asked for referendum feedback

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Voters aged 16 and 17 who were eligible to vote in this year’s referendum on independence are being asked about their experiences to help inform a Parliament Committee’s work.

An online survey has been developed by the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee and asks young people their views on their experience of voting in the referendum and the extent to which their experience of voting in the referendum has led to a broader engagement with political debates.

In addition, schools, colleges and youth groups are being encouraged to submit video clips which convey the views of young people.

The launch of the survey comes on the same day that the Parliament opened its doors to young people aged 16-24 who are interested in apprenticeship opportunities in the Parliament.

Committee Convener Bruce Crawford said: “We are particularly keen to hear from young people across Scotland about their experience of voting for the first time in this year’s referendum. We saw an unprecedented level of interest and democratic engagement around the referendum and we are determined to ensure young people continue to be engaged in Scotland’s democratic and political processes.

“This online survey aims to gather information from those who were eligible to vote as part of the Committee’s efforts to engage with young people on a long-term basis.

“In addition to this survey the Committee is hosting events in different parts of Scotland and adopting a range of approaches that will allow young people in any part of Scotland to question Committee members and to offer their views on giving 16 and 17 year olds the vote..

“As a Committee and as a Parliament we are determined to respond to the hopes and aspirations our young people have for the future of Scotland.”

The online survey goes live from today ( and is being promoted through schools and other education and youth organisations. It runs until the end of the year and the results will be published shortly after.