Work to £500k waterlogged pitch carried out this week

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Following news that the £500,000 all-weather football pitch at Newton Stewart’s Blairmount Park had been unplayable due to waterlogging, Dumfries and Galloway Council has this week called in the contactors to carry out investigations.

Karen Browlie, principal officer facilities west within the council, said: “I can confirm that Property and Architectural Services visited Blairmount Synthetic Grass Pitch on Thursday 27 November, although on arrival no standing water was visible on the surface, once officers stepped foot on the carpet it was clearly water logged.

“Following various discussions with Professional Sportsturf Design Ltd. - specialist consultant on the project, they have advised that it appears the surface water is perching in the sand/rubber infill of the carpet rather than infiltrating straight through.

“This issue usually resolves itself quickly as the infill settles again following the decompaction works (which took place in October).

“Unfortunately this seems not to have happened and it is thought this is the reason for the pitch ponding.

“PSD and Malcolms (contractors) have arranged for the pitch to be sprayed with a wetting agent which will break the surface tension on the infill materials and will allow the water to pass through as designed.

“This work took place on Tuesday by Souter’s Sport maintenance and we are hopeful that it will restore the surface drainage although we will only know that this has been successful during the next heavy down pour.”

Ms Brownlie added that she had met with members of Newton Stewart Football Club to update them on the issue and pointed out she is the first point of contact for any future issues.