Woman warned after lying to sheriff

A YOUNG woman who lied to the court when she appeared was given a stark warning from the sheriff this week.

Ellery Stanage, 20, of Millbank Road, Stranraer, was facing charges of behaving in an aggressive and hysterical manner at her home on January 8 when she attempted to swallow Co-codamol tablets and threatened to kill herself.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb discovered when she previously appeared that Stanage had told her lawyer there were no other cases due to call involving her. But she appeared the next day on a further charge.

Lawyer Ian Milligan said Stanage had been acting out in a time of great distress which was exacerbated by alcohol consumption, but Sheriff Robb told her that lying again would land her in jail. He said: “You lied and that is not acceptable. Do not mislead me again.” He imposed 90 hours’ unpaid work and a year’s suspension order.