Woman trapped as car slid off road onto embankment

A woman was taken to hospital after being rescued from her crashed car near Glentrool Holiday Park on Tuesday morning.

Two crews from Newton Stewart Fire Stationwere deployed after a call at 9:50am reporting a person within a car on an embankment.

Station Manager Derek Wilson, incident commander, said: “This operation needed a lot of personnel and firefighters, paramedics and police officers worked extremely closely to conduct an effective rescue.

“It was made more difficult due to the proximity of trees and the fact that ice made conditions underfoot extremely slippery.

“When we arrived paramedics were already inside the vehicle and they were being assisted by a bus driver who stopped at the scene.

“Our firefighters deployed hydraulic equipment to remove a door and the roof of the car, which created the space needed for the casualty to be safely lifted clear.

“We were operating side-by-side with paramedics throughout and this meant pausing at points in the operation so they could administer pain relief to the casualty.

“Our police colleagues were also involved in the rescue effort – moving other vehicles to allow better access and setting up an outer cordon to ensure the safety of the scene.”

Ice is thought to have been a major factor in the incident.