Woman hit ex-boyfriend for dating her mother

A woman who injured her ex-boyfriend after he started dating her mother was fined £110 by Sheriff Kenneth Robb at Stranraer court on Monday.

Twenty-one-year-old Gemma Brown, of 8 Park Lane Gardens, Stranraer, admitted shouting and swearing and striking Christopher Govan on the head with a car door in Stranraer on September 15.

The court heard the incident happened when the complainer met the accused in the street when he was with her mother.

There was an argument between Brown and the com­plainer which was witnessed by the town’s community wardens, who spoke with both to try to calm the situation down.

Mr Govan had then tried to get away from the accused by getting into his car and locking the door but Brown had grabbed the car door.

This caused edge of the the door to hit Mr Govan on the side of the head, resulting in a minor injury to his ear.

Agent Paul Feeney said that the accused had not meant to hurt the complainer.