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WIn a copy!
WIn a copy!

LOCAL author Sue Joslin, whose first book ‘Jenny’s Choice’ was nominated for the 2003 Booker Prize, has now had both Jenny’s Choice, and her second book ‘The Colour of Skin’, released on Kindle this year - but you could win a signed first copy in hardback with The Galloway Gazette.

The Newton Stewart-based author’s first book covered the controversial topic of assisted suicide, so recently brought to the forefront of puplic attention by Terry Pratchett’s televised documentary on the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.

Having worked for many years as a counsellor, Mrs Joslin was moved to write Jenny’s Choice as a result of a series of events involving family and friends. However, she chose to work this round a suspense thriller, an approach which earned her the following review from David Pithers -

“My first reaction to this book was to doubt the possibility of producing a full-length novel out of the suffering and death of an individual. This is where Joslin’s writing shades into genius... When the tension was at its height, I wanted to put the book down, but could not.”

Mrs Joslin’s second book, The Colour of Skin, is no less controversial, tackling the issue of racism and using the background of bullying within a school to build her story.

In the process weaving her high suspense thriller, she manages to highlight some very modern dilemas caused by those promoting so-called ‘positive discrimination’.

To win a signed first copy of either Jenny’s Choice or The Colour of Skin, email with your name, address and phone number by Friday, 13 April 2012. Or you can send us a postcard with the same information to The Galloway Gazette, 71 Victoria Street, Newton Stewart, DG8 6NL. Please specify which title you would prefer.

You will be notified if you are a winner. Good luck!