Wigtownshire smokers urged to sign up for ‘stopathon’

Wigtownshire is being urged to get behind the stopathon campaign which aims to sign up smokers anonymously for a ‘cut down to quit’ challenge.

Some areas of Wigtownshire have the highest number of smokers in the region.

The challenge ran in Stranraer for the first time in November 2013 and helped many smokers to make long term changes.

It’s easy to sign up to the challenge and to receive messages of support - text ‘Stopathon’ to 07736 955 211 or email ‘Stopathon’ to dg.smokingmatters@nhs.net.

The stopathon is being promoted by the Risky Behaviours Group which is a subgroup of the Wigtownshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership. Smoking Matters is supporting the campaign.