Wigtown: The Festival brings something for youngsters

This year’s Wigtown Book Festival sees a new addition to its programme with a youth slant through Wigtown: The Festival.

For years, the book festival has brought thousands to the town but youngsters began to feel there was little on offer for them - they were too old for the children’s events but too young for the rest.

So they launched Wigtown: The Festival this year and a team of 10 committed youngsters have managed to entice autors, poets, musicians and more to take part in their very own line-up aimed at 14-25 year olds which will run alongside the main festival.

With events looking at Dr Who, comic books, a music and mocktails evening and even a couple of baking and cooking demos, youngsters should be made to feel par5t of action.

The Festival takes place from Friday 28th September to Sunday 7th October.