Wigtown special constable is Brave @ Heart

A Wigtown special police constable has been presented with a Brave @ Heart award for rescuing a woman who was about to jump from Newton Stewart’s Cree Bridge.

Thursday, 9th October 2014, 4:20 pm
Special Constable Scott Costley receives his award from former Scotland first minister Alex Salmond

Scott Costley was on foot patrol in the town when a passing motorist reported a young female was about to jump from the bridge. Finding the woman already hanging by both hands, Scott grabbed her wrists and held fast despite her struggling and continually saying she wanted to end her life. Support arrived on scene and they managed to hoist the young woman to safety.

In presenting the award, Police Scotland praised Scott’s efforts and said: “The swift actions of this special constable, despite the real risk to himself, stopped this young woman from jumping or falling into the river with potentially fatal consequences.”

The everyday bravery and commitment of police officers from across Scotland was recognised this week at the Scottish Government’s [email protected] awards.

Celebrating exceptional acts of bravery, the Brave @ Heart awards give special recognition to staff from the “blue lights services” and members of the public who have saved lives often at risk to their own.

Thirteen Police Scotland officers were recognised for their acts of bravery which included rescuing people from burning buildings, saving people threatening to take their own lives and rescuing a boy from a dangerous dog.

Congratulating the award winners, Chief Constable Sir Stephen House, said: “The [email protected] awards are an important recognition of the work of our officers. Policing is a highly valued public service – we exist to serve the public and to keep people safe. I am pleased that the excellent work of so many Police Scotland officers has been recognised for their commitment to their duty and their communities at these awards.

“Everyday policing often presents difficult, dangerous and challenging situations for our officers. I would like to pay tribute to all our police officers and staff who day in, day out, show continued professionalism and dedication to keeping people safe.”

Vic Emery, Chair of the Scottish Police Authority added:“Every police officer who takes the oath of office does so knowing that they are taking on a role in life that is based upon taking a step forward, and not a step back. These awards demonstrate that in doing so, police officers make a huge contribution to changing the course of individual lives, often at moments of crisis with potentially desperate consequences, as well as supporting the wider confidence and resilience of our communities.”