Wigtown Primary School pupils praised in prizegiving

Wigtown Primary School winners
Wigtown Primary School winners
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WIGTOWN Primary School held its end of term prizegiving ceremony during the closing service in Wigtown Parish Church on Friday 8th July 2011.

Mrs Kirsty Maxwell, acting headteacher, in her remarks expressed her appreciation of the level of support for the work of the school, in particular the large number of pupils completing the reading incentive scheme, the Wigtown Passport, was most encouraging.

Prizes were presented by Mr Stewart Anderson to the following pupils:

Nursery Passport Scheme, The Nursery Awards are as follows:

Rainbow Passport: Murray Henderson, Rory McMiken, Ella Simpson, Sivan Irvine, Ramsay Milven, Finlay Cannon, Leah Wardell, Nathan Keith, Katie McMiken, Oliver Gomersall, Fraser Murray, Thomas Simpson, Eilidh Aitchison, Ross Curran, Ellie Curran, Lorna Cannon.

Primary 1 Induction Awards: Leah Wardell, Ella Simpson, Terry Robinson, Rory McMiken, Deacon Kiltie, Rhys Kennedy, Lorna Cannon, Thomas Borthwick, David Bark, Zac Stead-Roberts

Wigtown Passport Awards. The initial concept was that of Mr Stewart Anderson ht Wig.ps, Terry Coy local librarian and Andrew Forster literacy development officer to Wigtown primary school and other local schools. A programme that is now endorsed by our local authority for all schools to participate in.

Bronze Award also includes a Bronze Passport Badge and a £10 Book Token.

Bronze Level 1: Euan Plunkett, Leo Parker, Erin Thomson, Benjamin Barton, Finn McMiken, James Sharp, Helena Cochrane, Storm Murray, Ellie Cluckie.

Bronze Level 2: Ross Adams, Ben MacDonald, Kirsty Cannon.

Bronze Level 3: Connie Milligan, Rory Dunn.

Silver Award also includes a Silver Passport Badge and a £15 Book Token.

Silver Level 1: Kristy McQuaker, Kirsty Plunkett.

Silver Level 2: Andrew Cannon, Adam MacDonald, Demi Milligan, Charlie Stewart, Heather Ferguson, Scott Cluckie, Briony Lochrie, Mairi Adams and Conor Firth.

Gold Award also includes a Gold Passport Badge and a £20 Book Token.

Gold Level 1: Rachael Cluckie, Heather Cousar, Shelley Doherty, Dyllan Parlane, Ross Quigley, Jude Boyle, Abbie Thomson, Jennifer Craig.

Gold Level 2: David Adams, Kerren Galloway, Kaitlin Thorley.

Cinema Tickets (kindly donated by Newton Stewart Cinema) to the pupil for whom completing the Passport (to a very high standard) represents a superb effort: Kirsty Plunkett

Best Book Review attracts a family day pass for Cream O’ Galloway. This year the winners are:

P1/2 Ross Adams; P3/4 Kirsty Plunkett; P5 Charlie Stewart; P6/7 Kaitlin Thorley.

All Sports Trophies sponsored by Wigtown Football Club

Nursery Sports - Pre Pre Boys Champion: Ramsay Milven; Pre Pre Girls Champion: Skye Mason; Pre Boys Champion: Murray Henderson. Pre Girls Champion: Lorna Cannon

School Sports: Winning House, Tarff; House Captains: Russell Morton and Kaitlin Thorley.

Infant Championship - Boys, Aaron Drysdale; Girls, Rachael Quigley.

Junior Championship - Boys, Kian Dingwall; Girls, Keira Little

Senior Championship Russell Morton Kerren Galloway & Shelley Doherty

Bladnoch Visitor Centre Shield and book token for the highest scoring Orienteer: David Adams

The Galloway Netball Club Primary School league 2011 Cup and Medals: Wigtown Primary School Netball Team - Mairi Adams, Abbie Thomson, David Adams, Heather Cousar, Andrew Cannon, Kirsty Plunkett, Jennifer Craig, Charlie Stewart, Harry Brown.

Machars Wildlife Project (Judged by Mrs K Devine) – Report from judge commends pupils for the very high standard of work, unique presentations and good level of information and facts.

P5, 1st Heather Ferguson; 2nd Conor Firth; 3rd Charlie Stewart. P6, 1st Sandy Ferguson; 2nd Heather Cousar; 3rd Abbie Thomson; P7 1st Bryony McCaw; 2nd Russell Morton; 3rd = Kaitlin Thorley/Gregor Trayner. Overall 1st – Jacquelyn Steele Trophy: Jude Boyle.

The Kirkdale Farm Eco Owl: The Harris Family.

Southern Scottish Counties Burns Association Award: Brodie Jess 1st and the Kirwaugh Cup for Excellent Contribution to Scots Culture: Donald Robinson and Scott Cluckie.

James Coates Award for Scots poems and songs: Murray Henderson

Mr Marsh, representing the Rotary Club, presented the Primary 7 Leaving Awards and Rotary Club Dictionary to: Gregor Trayner, Kaitlin Thorley, Donald Robinson, Russell Morton, Robbie McMurray, Bryony McCaw, Brodie Jess, Kerren Galloway, Alan Ferrie, David Adams

Music Awards: Kerren Galloway Grade 2 Oboe; Donald Robinson Grade 2 bassoon; Bryony McCaw Grade 2 bassoon.

Medals for Bassoonists: Rachel Cluckie, Jude Boyle, Abbie Thomson; Oboes: Jennifer Craig, Kaitlin Thorley Heather Cousar.

Crystal Star Award for the top bassoonist: Bryony McCaw

McGowan Trophy for Expressive Arts: Kerren Galloway

McDowall Trophy for Citizenship (plus book token): Allan Ferrie

Headteacher’s Award: Nursery: Rory McMiken

P1/2 Jamie Russell; P3/4 Connie Milligan; P5 William Ferrie; P6/7 Sandy Ferguson

The Stewart Anderson Achievement Award for progress through outstanding effort and self-motivation: Heather Cousar

The Grace Steven Memorial Trophy for Excellence – plus book token: Gregor Trayner.

A shrub was presented to Mr Anderson by Mrs Maxwell, with thanks for presenting the prizes.

Flowers were presented to Miss Wallace. Mrs Maxwell thanked Miss Wallace for the commitment she has given to school over the last year and, on behalf of the school, wished her well for the future.

Mrs Devine presented flowers to Mrs Maxwell, with thanks, for all her dedication to Wigtown Primary School since she became Acting Headteacher.