Wigtown Community Council notes

Renewable energy company Lark Energy have plans to create a solar panel farm on land at Causewayend, between Wigtown and Newton Stewart. The company, who are based in the East Midlands, are sending a representative to a meeting of the Cree Valley Community Council on July 7 and Wigtown CC will send their own representative to learn more about this proposal. There are hopes that someone from Lark Energy will attend the Wigtown CC July meeting. A public exhibition by Lark Energy will go ahead on July 15, with the venue still to be confirmed.

Wigtown Community Council’s festival committee are holding off printing the programme of events until they can confirm who the Princess is for 2014, members of the Wigtown and District Community Council heard at their monthy meeting on Monday night.

The final draft of what’s happening during the community festival is almost complete but there will be no festival event on Sunday July 13 as this is the day that Wigtown Agricultural Society are hosting an informal ‘Social Sunday’ at Bladnoch Park with an equestrian carriage driving and vintage lorries to entertain the crowds, but this will be advertised in the Wigtown Week programme.

There will be the usual photograph competition, based on the Commonwealth Games, and a new trophy this year called the McGowan Trophy, donated by Betty McGowan, will be presented to the junior winner.

The festival sub-committee were suitable stocked with volunteers for the all the events mainly due to family members offering to help out while there with their children.

The members of the community council were usure if the Local Government’s Boundary Commission for Scotland consultation of councillor numbersin the region would affect them or not. The suggestion is to reduce the number of community councillors in Dumfries and Galloway from 47 to 43, a cut of four councillors. Elected members said that there was the possibility of losing one councillor in the west of the region if the boundary commission reduced the number of wards from three with three councillor each to two with four councillors each.

CC leader Nick Walker commented that the local authority had already responded saying it was opposed to the arbitrary way it was being worked out. The theory was that these proposals would increase the number of representatives of urban areas wile reducing the number in rural areas across Scotland based on population demographics.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes dismissed the Boundary Commission as “number-crunchers” commenting the “reasoning and rationale” behind this was less than transparent and did not take into consideration the dichotomy of rural Scotland. Councillor Jim McColm added: “They should spend more time studying maps instead of numbers.”

The consultation will continue until August 21.

A return to the old style format at Wigtown Area Committee meetings with community organisations and members of the public allowed to speak has been called for by the Federation of Machars community Councils.

Nick Walker, the charman of the federation, asked the elected members at the meeting for their thoughts on having a speaking role for community views reinstated and all three said it would receive their backing.

Councillor McColm commented: “It would give us valuable feedback from both the community councils and members of the public” while Councillor Geddes added that although those speaking would have input but no vote, it was “good to know that you were interacting with the people you were representing and they you were singing from the same hymn sheet.”

At present the Wigtown Area Committee meetings are split into daytime business meetings and community meetings in the evenings that were themed on a particular subject, such as NHS provision or the Dark Sky Park.

The remarkable success of Wigtown and Bladnoch Football Club in winning five trophies his season is to be recognised by the community council. All the members agreed unanimously to write a letter to the club congratulating them on their achievements.