Wigtown clique allegation

A member of Wigtown Community Council claims he will “never have anything to do with the community festival again” after receiving stinging criticism in a letter to the CC from a volunteer at the recent ‘fun run’.

The two-page letter, from William Saunders, criticised Community Council member Andrew Wilson in particular, but also took a swipe at other CC members for their alleged lack of support for community week events in July.

Mr Saunders said that both he and “anonymous” others had been subjected to alleged high-handed behaviour and bad language from Mr Wilson during the fun run, which Mr Wilson was organising. He was also accused by Mr Saunders of being “rude” to the Wigtown Princess when she arrived to present the prizes.

Defending himself, Mr Wilson branded the letter a “cowardly” act and hinted that there was a “clique” in the town with those born and bred there freezing out the “incomers”.

He said: “I did my duty to keep the event going at a very stressful time in my life and others colluded to make running this event even more stressful. It’s the bullying and nastiness that incomers face when they come forward to volunteer. If that’s all the thanks I get let me assure you there is no way I will have anything to do with your community festival again. I don’t belong to Wigtown so just get on with it. It was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life.”

After the dust had settled at the meeting it was decided that at the heart of this were “personal issues” between Mr Saunders and Mr Wilson and that Community Council member Howard Steele, as a neutral, should, after talking to the parties concerned, draft a reply to the letter that addressed three points in particular:

• That community council members did not attend community events.

• That Mr Saunders was not happy with the way Mr Wilson spoke to him.

• That letters should not be sent on behalf on anonymous people as this could refer to the majority of people in the town or just one person.