Why the gritter were out in 10 degrees

An incredulous motorist phoned The Galloway Gazette earlier this week wondering why the A75 was being gritted at 2am when the temperature was 10 degrees.

The driver, who was heading home from work said her car was “spattered” with the grit as she drove past. She looked at the outside temperature gauge in her car, which was registering 10 degrees, and could not believe the gritters were operating when there was no chance of freezing temperatures.

A spokesperson for Scotland TranServ said: “Scotland TranServ plan their winter service around specific weather forecasts for road surface temperatures and conditions, and deploy our resources accordingly. Forecasts for parts of A75 for the early hours of Monday morning indicated that the road surface temperature would dip below +3oC, which required a winter patrol in a loaded gritter to be carried out, in accordance with our contractual obligations.”