Who do we really think we are?

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It has to be said that the most fascinating inhabitant of planet Earth is the human being. This is especially true of people who have obtained some degree of fame.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here which continues to be popular night after night, owes some of its success to the fact that it allows viewers the opportunity of ‘getting to know’ some already famous people better.

Do some viewers believe that if they can understand what makes a celebrity a celebrity, then they could go on to be one themselves?

Or is it that by getting to know about other people, we learn more about who we are ourselves? This Thursday evening at eight o’clock on BBC1, there is the return of Who Do You Think You Are? Now in its thirteenth season, this programme goes on an exploration with a celebrity from the worlds of TV, theatre, news, music or comedy, as they discover new information about their ancestors.

This programme resonates with people who are keen on genealogy and who might be trying to put together their own family tree.

There are many folk currently who are interested in learning more about their ancestors in order to discover if perhaps they have any famous ones.

The first guest of this series of five episodes is Danny Dyer. Danny has been an actor for some time now, originally appearing in a number of feature films. Nowadays he is better known as Mick Carter, the landlord of the Queen Vic in Eastenders.

There are definitely some surprises to be had in his episode.

Does he really have links to royalty?

Two of the other celebrities to be featured in this series will be Cheryl from the X Factor and Amanda Holden from Britain’s Got Talent.

Ian K