Whithorn to commemorate Queen’s visit

The young Queen's visit to the Royal Burgh in 1955.
The young Queen's visit to the Royal Burgh in 1955.

WITH Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee only a few months away, Whithorn and District Business Association is appealing for local people to contribute their memories of her visit to Whithorn in 1955 for a commemorative booklet.

They would like written memories of the day (sheets to fill in, if wished, available from Stuffit Upholstery, 27 George Street) so that a booklet can be compiled in time for the Diamond Jubilee in June 2012. If you are not able to write them yourself, the Association will be happy to take them down in writing for you; just let us know.

Julia Muir Watt from the business association said: “The kind of things we’d like to hear about are: did you or your parents or grandparents speak to the Queen? Were they in a uniformed organisation or in an official capacity? Are they/you or people you can identify in the press photographs of the time? Did you/they wear their best clothing? What preparations did you/they make for the day? What preparations do you/they remember in the town? Was there a celebration afterwards that you/they remember? What was the atmosphere like?

“We would be pleased to copy pictures contributed by anyone who is willing to contribute private photographs (to be returned and credited) for the booklet. A display of photographs will be held after Easter. The ultimate aim is to publish a booklet about Whithorn’s day and send a copy to Buckingham Palace in time for the Jubilee.

You can also e-mail us at pendbooks@whithornbroadband.net or phone 01988 500038.”