Whithorn stars in yet another screen film

Filming in Whithorn took place this week
Filming in Whithorn took place this week

Film crews were on the streets of Whithorn this week shooting scenes for a drama about the town’s archaeological dig.

The Whithorn Trust’s young film crew, which has been working with Dig TV documenting the live archaeology, is now working with Urbancroft Films on a fictional film starring other young people from Whithorn.

Younsters have been learning the skills of documentary production and other areas throughout July and have produced the Dig TV bulletins, interviewed local people and archaeologists for a final film and will assist in creating documentary short films for the Whithorn Trust Audio Visual room for visitors and locals to see.

The final documentary film – and perhaps the drama – will be screened for local people to see at Whithorn’s forthcoming Day of the Region in September.

Julia Muir Watt from the Whithorn Dig said: “There’s also hope that the films will be sent to the European Conference of Archaeologists for screening there – we are in negotiation with organisers who will see a first cut of the film next week.”

Crowd scenes were filmed yesterday (Thursday) with extras from around the community taking part.

The film project is funded by Holywood Trust, Robertson Trust, Cashback for Creativity and Regional ARts Fund ( Dumfries and GAlloway Council).

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