Whithorn School Burns competition

Whithorn Primary School held their annual Burns Competition last Friday.

The following children came first:

Scots Poetry

P1 - Rory McCrindle reciting ‘Hairy Spider’

P2 - Leah Fairclough reciting ‘Doctor’

P3 - Isla Campbell reciting ‘Scottish Rain’

P4 - Sam Huxtable reciting ‘Dog show’

P5 - Gavin Martin reciting ‘Magic Pizza’

P6 - Ellie Graham reciting an excerpt from ‘To A Louse’‘

P7 - Azariashanaz Woolley reciting an excerpt from ‘Address to the toothache’

Scots Singing

P5 - Leah Jolly singing ‘Coulters Candy’

P6 - Mark Fairclough singing ‘The Puddock’

P7 - Aidan Dodds singing ‘Caledonia’

Scottish Playing

P5- Robert Smith playing ‘O Flower of Scotland’ on the piano

P6 - Brogan Boyce playing ‘Scotland the Brave’ on the recorder

P7 - Aidan Dodds playing ’Bonnie Banks of Cree’ on the recorder


P1 - Emma Hargraves

P2 - Aimee Lochhead

P3 - Victoria Smith

P4 - Ellie Lochhead

P5 - Madison Carnochan

P6 - Carla Campbell

P7 - Holly Heywood

Scottish Writing - Charlotte Bell and Aidan Dodds.