Whithorn hosts new show

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The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre opened its doors to a new season on April 1 with a new fine art photography exhibition in the Ninian Gallery.

The exhibition, entitled “Ruins of Religion, Guardians of Memories”, is by Geoff Gillingwater and is on show for the whole of the month.

Geoff decided to undertake this ambitious project two years ago after visiting Wigtownshire and being introduced to some of the many ruined chapels in the region. They held a strange fascination, buildings that were once centres of the community now stood almost forgotten in ruins, yet they still stood as sentinels guarding the memories of those who had been entrusted to their care.

Geoff Gillingwater currently lectures in photography and creative media in Leeds but he has been making photographs since an early age. Following a life-changing incident in 2005 he decided to leave his career in IT and pursue a future he wanted in photography.

Geoff takes a traditional approach to his photography. He uses medium or large format cameras and shoots on black and white film that he processes himself. During his study he has become skilled in the darkroom and hand-prints his own work.