Whithorn event for Geordie Dickie

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A commemorative event was held in Whithorn to remember Geordie Dickie (Jack Brent) on 24 February, which would have been his birthday.

It was held at the Jack Brent memorial plaque at Pend Books in George Street Whithorn, previously the butcher’s shop where the young Geordie Dickie worked.

He was one of the volunteers who joined the legendary International Brigades to assist in the Spanish Civil War.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War of 1936­-39.

The involvement and sacrifice of thousands of British people is being commemorated by the International Brigade Memorial Trust in a series of events in Britain and Spain throughout the year.

Some 2,500 volunteers from the British Isles joined the legendary International Brigades to defend the Spanish Republic’s elected government against a fascist ­backed coup led by General Franco.

The recent event also marked the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of the plaque.

The dates co­incided with the end of the Battle of Jarama which had raged throughout February 1937 and was the battle where Jack Brent was severely injured by fascist machine gun fire while rescuing a fallen comrade.

The commemoration was organised by members of the IBMT and attended by local residents, Dumfries and Galloway councillors and representatives from the Unite and RMT Trade Unions.

A wreath in the colours of the International Brigade was laid in memory of this brave anti­fascist and heroic fighter for democracy in Spain.

The wreath was placed beneath the IB Scottish Contingent banner which had returned from Madrid the previous day after being displayed at the Jarama commemoration.

The Whithorn event consisted of a rendition of the song Jarama Valley, followed by a number of excellent speeches.

There was then the recital of a poem from the Civil War and a message from Geordie Dickie’s nephew John Dickie.

John’s book about his uncle, Geordie’s Story” was on display.

The event closed with a reading of ‘La Pasionaria’s’ memorable address to the 13,000 departing International Brigaders from Barcelona on 29th October 1938.