Whithorn community council elections loom

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ELECTIONS will take place next Thursday, May 2, in Whithorn for places on the Royal Burgh of Whithorn and District Community Council.

The candidates seeking to be elected are Helen McCulloch, Alexandria Lochhead, Heather Hay, Jim McCulloch, John Wilson, George Pattison, Mary Pattison, Primrose Winston, Bob Amin, Maureen C Howard, Kirsty Currie and Julia Muir Watt.

There are ten places available on the council as the limit is 14 and there are four menbers remaining from the former community council. The elections were necessary after it was discovered that the committee as it stood in January this year was unconstitutional as there were too many co-opted members on it.

You can cast your vote on Thursday in the New Town Hall, Whithorn between 4pm and 8pm.