Whithorn Community Council

In his report to the Royal Burgh of Whithorn and District Community Council, secretary Jeremy Sykes said that Whithorn CC could be in a position to help other community groups in the town through Big Lottery funding. There is potential to apply, through Dumfries and Galloway Council, to tap into funding up to £100,000 to help develop areas like Whithorn, that are officially classed as “deprived”.

The secretary added that the appeal for help with funding from other organisations in the town regarding this year’s Christmas Lights was still in limbo as the groups approached required further details.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes said that the Whithorn Bravehearts Boxing Club would be ideal candidates for such funding as the badly needed new premises.

Youngsters in the town who harass people using the Community Centre will be reported to the police. Community worker Donna Hoodless told the meeting that groups using the facility were getting “real hassle”. She said the problem was partly due to the difficulty keeping the centre secured. If a group were all arriving together then the doors could be locked, but with something like elected members surgeries, when the public were coming and going it was a nightmare to keep the troublemakers out.

The maintenance problems recently reported concerning the football pitches in Whithorn could be solved - by the team themselves. At the last meeting of the council there were complaints about council workers leaving the grass cuttings lying and the two areas of the pitch being cut and different times - leaving the playing surface uneven.

The meeting heard that Bob Marr from the Whithorn Club had all the tools needed to maintain the pitch and the community council were urged to contact the council to ask for permission for the football team to use this equipment and keep the pitch in order themselves.

CC chairman Francis O’Niell said it was very important the grass was cut properly for football games and the school sports day.

Whithorn Community Council welcomed two new members at their meeting last Thursday night. Emma Frain and Vicky Martin were both elected and took their seats. Vicky joins as the youth representative but as she is not on the voting register she will not have be allowed to vote concerning CC business. There are now 11 community council members.

THE monthly meeting of the Royal Burgh and Whithorn District Council will now take place on the third Tuesday of the month instead of the second Thursday. The change of date should mean that more CC members are able to attend.

The next meeting will now take place in the New Town Hall on July 19.