Wedding nightmare after ‘Frank’ appears

Wednesday, December 30, was supposed to be the most wonderful day of their lives, but ‘Storm Frank’ ensured that Sarah Finlay and Gavin Downie’s wedding day was anything but!

The weather bomb that hit the south west left the couple with no minister, no hairdresser, no photographer, nearly no groom and half the guests being directed in a convoy through floodwater by another guest walking ahead in his wellies!

Occupational therapist Sarah, aged 27, from Newton Stewart, takes up the story.

She said: “I went up the night before with my bridesmaid and despite telling Gavin to do the same he stayed at home. The first hint of trouble was when my hairdresser phoned to say he was stuck in Castle Douglas as the roads were flooded. Thankfully, apart for Gavin, the one person that did arrive on time was Una Gillan, who was doing my make up, because she has stayed with her mum in Ayrshire night before.

“She then got in touch with a hairdresser in Ayr through her step-father. The replacement hairdresser, Lynne Bowden, was absolutely brilliant as when we lost our photographer she arranged a replacement from Irvine. Then our Minister couldn’t get out of Newton Stewart so she got (her sister) the minister from Tarbolton to take over and she really made our day.

“Finally, Peter Strain led a convoy of vehicles with guests coming to the wedding through the water on the Straiton road.

“Things started out in the morning as okay, then I heard that the roads were not great, and from that point on everything unravelled. But thanks to the help of Una and Lynne it all went ahead.”