Water charges consultation on empty properties

Property owners and businesses across the South of Scotland are being asked their views on the Scottish Governmemt’s plans to introduce water, drainage and sewerage charges for owners of empty business properties.

At the moment, owners of these properties pay no water, sewerage or drainage charges and the cost of service provision is met by other customers.

The new money raised will be used to limit future increases for water charges to business customers across Scotland.

Aileen McLeod SNP MSP for South Scotland said: “The Scottish Government recognises that businesses, like many families in the region, have been facing a squeeze on their budgets and that it is important that business costs are kept as low as possible.

“It is equally important that the charging system is as fair as possible and that all businesses pay the relevant rates for the services they receive.

“All the additional money raised by removing the exemption on unoccupied business properties will be used to keep charges down for all business customers.

“It is very important therefore for all those who may be affected, especially property owners and business customers who are currently covering the cost of exemptions to take part in the consultation.”