Was Skye caught on film?


The family of missing collie Skye, who slipped her collar six months ago near Monreith, believe they have spotted her on film taken from a camera set up to track activity near where she vanished.

Carol Sinclair has been camping out in a caravan with no water or power during the search throughout the winter for her beloved pet, and borrowed night vision cameras to keep an eye on the area.

Recently, a family of cats was spotted interacting with another animal which couldn’t be seen off camera. However, on Monday night, the tail and rear end of a dog was spotted briefly and with no other dogs staying in the area at the time, Carol and supporters are taking hope that this couldhave been Skye.

Patches of fur have also been found nearby with the same colouring as the nervous rescue dog, whose plight has captured the hearts of thousands since she bolted off.

You can follow Skye’s progress on Facebook by searching for Find Skye.