Villagers take over running of their hall

Whauphill Hall was handed over to the village’s community council this week.

Alison Maxwell, the chairperson of Whauphill Community Council, said she was confident the tight-knit community could make a go of things.

She told The Galloway Gazette this week: “We have taken over the hall on lease for a year. Karen Brownlie at the council has done a lot of work for us and we officially took over on Tuesday, October 1, and had our first event that night.

“Now it’s just a case of getting as many bookings as possible!

“We have got bookings from the council to use the hall for the European Elections and for the Scottish Referendum next year but if anyone out there wants to use the hall for anything we want to hear from them.”

During the day you can book Whauphill Hall with Vera Parker on 01988840674 and out of hours with Diane Hindle on 09188 840277.