Vandals won’t disrupt football fair

MINDLESS vandals who broke into Blairmount Park pavilion have not managed to disrupt procedings ahead of this weekend’s Galloway Football Fair.

The thoughtless thugs managed to gain entry into the building and steal footballs and confectionery, and cause damage but thankfully not much.

Secretary John McNaught said: “We have lost a quantity of confectionery and cans of juice along with about eight footballs in a net bag.

“It looks like whoever is responsible has been inside the pavilion for some time as items have been moved from one room to another although luckily very little damage has been done.

“We as a club are very disturbed that this break in has taken place and will be taking steps to give the premises the utmost security ahead of this weekend’s Annual Football Fair. The Police have been very helpful and we are hopeful that their enquiries will lead to those responsible being traced.”