Ushakov bravery medal for Arctic veteran Johnny

Arctic convoy veteran Johnny McBride.
Arctic convoy veteran Johnny McBride.

Ninety-two year old Arctic Convoy veteran Johnny McBryde from Port William will be presented with the prestigious Ushakov medal for bravery by the Russian Consulate General in Glasgow on Friday.

Johnny has been specially invited by the Russian government to the City Chambers to receive his medal at noon as a thank you for his time serving on HMS Obedient during World War Two in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic taking vital supplies to Murmansk to help keep the then USSR in the war on the side of the Allies against Nazi Germany.

The Ushakov medal is awarded to sailors who have displayed courage in the course of defending Russia or its interests.

The award comes a year after the UK government announced that after over 65 years, hundreds of Arctic convoy veterans could finally receive the Russian bravery award. The Foreign Office overturned its earlier decision to block the Ushakov medal for the naval veterans, who helped transport cargo, food and weapons to Soviet forces based in the Russian cities of Murmansk and Archangel.

Russian President Vladimir Putin formally awarded the first medals in 2013 and on Friday Johnny McBryde will join the few Scottish based Arctic convoy veterans still left to receive his award.