Urgent talks are called over recycling shambles

A local councillor has called for crisis talks about waste collection after Dumfries and Galloway Council received 1000 complaints in a week.

Willie Scobie wants the problems with the new recycling boxes discussed as an urgent item of business at the Wigtown Area Committee meeting on Wednesday.

The Stranraer councillor said: “We understand the Council has received over a 1000 telephone calls from members of the public. The recycling operation is taking an inordinate time to collect with the operation still going on well into the evening and, on occasions, having to be suspended because it goes beyond employees legal working time. There are also serious questions being asked about the health and safety of the operational practices in respect of the employees.”

Meanwhile, seventy per cent per cent of household in Wigtownshire have embraced the new food waste collection system introduced last month. Council statistics show that the first week of collections at the end of August resulted in 14.5 tonnes of food waste being collected, rising to 20 tonnes in the second week, from approximately 15,000 households.

Mid Galloway’s Councillor Nicol commented: “I understand there have been a lot of mistakes as people are confused about what to put into the recycling boxes. A booklet was handed out with the boxes and if people read it carefully it explains what is expected.”

Dumfries and Galloway Council did not comment.