Unusual police vehicle hopes to draw crowds

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A new temporary addition has been made to the Police Scotland vehicle fleet for the summer of 2013 in the shape of a Bobcat Utility Vehicle, complete with full police markings, lights and sirens.

The Bobcat has been kindly loaned to Police Scotland by Lloyds in Dumfries to help raise awareness about all types of rural crime which currently blights our community.

The Bobcat will be used at agricultural shows and fetes throughout the region over the summer to highlight issues around rural crime.

Sergeant Jim McLatchie, Community Policing Sergeant said: “This is the third year we have been fortunate enough to receive the use of an agricultural vehicle from the Lloyd Group. When they are decked out in the police markings, lights and sirens, they really draw in the crowds at the shows, and this gives us an opportunity to give out some crime prevention advice to those who live in the more rural parts of our region.”

Although a light-hearted approach to raising awareness about crime in the countryside, the message is a serious one and helps keep the focus on Keeping People Safe.