‘Unlikely’ vandals cut mast guy-wires

Save Wigtown Bay have responded to claims that the meteorological mast at the proposed California wind park site collapsed after two of the guy-wires were cut.

The group campaigning against the wind park have thrown doubts upon the claim made by owner Skylark that the mast fell in high winds because of vandals on November 12.

Martin Green, chairman, Save Wigtown Bay said: “It seems highly unlikely that anyone would put themselves in such danger, cutting steel cables under tension in high winds, let alone have the knowledge and equipment to do it.

“It would be interesting to ascertain how many met masts fall down versus those that are felled in acts of vandalism.

“It is rather convenient for the wind industry, if it is only the latter. Of course, if this is proven to be an act of vandalism, then Save Wigtown Bay totally condemn it.”

A spokesperson from Skylark said: “The police are satisfied that there is evidence that someone has deliberately cut the guy wires that support the met mast and have launched a criminal enquiry.

“The wires display a straight precise linear shearing consistent with being cut, all within easy reach of the ground, with no sign of the stretching or fraying that would occur if the wires had snapped under a shock loading tension failure to the cable.

“Moreover one of the wires that was cut is only used during the erection of the met mast and is then tethered to the lift guy after installation. This cable would not have been subject to any wind loading so there is no reason why this should have failed. The wires will be subject to forensic examination.”