Uncle to the rescue following flash floods

John McLoone to the rescue!
John McLoone to the rescue!

Captain Underpants, aka Uncle John, came to the rescue of a car full of wedding guests (and the wedding band!) on Saturday after flash flooding saw them stuck on the road between Mutehill and The Grange, Kirkcudbright.

The bride’s uncle and the carload in front of him which contained the wedding band, Ceilidh Crankie, of which the groom is also a member, were heading for the nearby wedding ceremony of Melanie McLoone and fiancé Chris Henry of Castle Douglas when the heavens opened and left them all stranded.

So, to the rescue came Uncle John McLoone who was over from Ireland for the do. He whipped off his wedding best to keep ‘em dry and waded in.

Fire crews quickly closed the road and a few guests were delayed but the remainder of the day went smoothly.

Two other couples, both holding weddings in Castle Douglas, would have been cursing the wettest day in weeks but all went off with no other drama.