Twynholm wind plan rethink after feedback

Banks' Callum Whiteford on the site of the proposed turbines
Banks' Callum Whiteford on the site of the proposed turbines

A wind far company eyeing up a site near Twynholm has been forced to amend its proposals following community feedback.

The Banks Renewables community wind farm project will now propose a reduction in its turbine heights from 132m to 115m while the seventh turbine would be reduced from 132m to 100m.

A second key amendment will see the position of the turbines altered so that they sit further to the east of the site; further away from the National Scenic Area.

The changes will mean that the output from the proposed wind farm, will decrease from 23.8MW to14MW.

Hamilton based Banks Renewables will resubmit plans in the coming weeks to Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Along with the submission of the redesigned project, Banks says it will launch a Tourism Action Plan which would be supported by funding from Knockendurrick Community Wind Farm.

The action plan will apparently include a project to protect and enhance an historic section of a drovers’ road, close to the site, as well as the improvement of a popular local trail. It is also proposed to offer funding to support a tourism promotion project across Dumfries and Galloway.

The wind farm proposals have slpit the local community with some offering their backing and others claiming another turbine site in the area would be detrimental to the landscape and nature of the region.