Turbines on the tick list

Wind turbines.
Wind turbines.

Nine wind turbines at the Gass near Glenluce are up before the local authority’s planning committee next Wednesday with a recommendation to approve, subject to conditions.

Renewable energy company WilloWind Gass Ltd, want to erect the 126.4m metre high turbines, a substation and access tracks to the north east of the village, between the approved Artfield Fell windfarm and the approved but unimplemented Airies windfarm to the west.

The nine turbines will have a generating capacity of up to 2.3megawatts.

The application has received 21 objections, principally on the grounds that “the number of operational and approved windfarms in Dumfries and Galloway exceeds the number required the meet the energy needs of the region, which is doing more that its bit to help meet the Scottish Government’s renewable energy targets.”

But the council also received a number of late representations, mainly in support of the application.

Elected members have been advised by council officers to approve the application, subject to conditions including a Section 75 planning obligation, the terms of which include an agreement between the developer (or their successor) and the council to allow the council to commission the restoration of the site after use; an obligation for the developer to correct any interference to television and radio reception arising from the creation of the windfarm and to repair and damage caused to the public roads network.

An application for eight turbines at Larbrax, near Leswalt, from energy company Brookfield Renewable UK Ltd, has been recommended for refusal by council officers on the grounds such a development would result in a “significant and adverse impact on the landscape” and “overwhelm and detract from the coastal character.”