Turbine plan for Glentrool

Members of Cree Valley Community Council have decided to officially object to plans for a windfarm at Balunton Hill, near Glentrool.

The CVCC, after a comprehensive discussion, decided that the plans for the nine turbines, by North British Windpower, would spoil an area of natural beauty that was important to the tourist industry linked to the Galloway Forest Park.

In doing so, they fall into line with national groups such as the John Muir Trust (a conservation charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild places), the Mountaineering Council for Scotland and the RSPB who also oppose the windfarm proposal.

A protest group called Glentrool Against Balunton Industrial Turbines (GABITS) had representatives at the meeting who voiced their strong objections to the effect the 125-metre turbines would have on the Galloway Forest Park.

CVCC councillor Anthony Berretti commented that, in his opinion, there could be no objection lodged that included the word ‘natural’ as the landscape was cleared by man in the 18th Century so it had ceased to be natural. He also questioned what form of power the community council would prefer - wind or nuclear, but fellow councillor Richard Kay said that wasn’t the issue, the issue was the effect the proposed windfarm would have on the views.

The CVCC also were asked to comment on a further wind farm proposal for a different site near the Galloway Forest Park. Gamesa Energy have expressed their interest in a site near Bargrennan for development and they want to know what the CVCC would like included in an environmental assessment.

The secretary was asked to invite representatives of the renewable energy company to a future Cree Valley Community Council meeting to discuss the proposal.