TUC will continue to fight ‘failures of DGHP’

Dumfries TUC has said it notes the decision of Police Scotland that there was no criminality involved in the failure by Dumfries and Galloway Council to make public the report by Arthur McCourt into the council’s dealings with the now defunct building firm R& Holdings.

John Denis from the TUC said this week: “We have submitted a Freedom of Information Request direct to the Chief Executive for a copy of the report.

“We believe that the failure to publish it, while perhaps not criminal, shows a failure by the council to be open and transparent about its dealings with R & D. We maintain that such transparency from the council is essential in uncovering the truth about the collapse of R&D.

“We are still determined to pursue the issue of the failures of DGHP, the Council and the Scottish Government to ensure that R & D’s financial basis was sound before awarding them contracts for Social Housing in Dumfries and Stranraer totalling £77million.

“We are also convinced that there must be a just settlement for the R & D Workers and subcontractors who suffered huge losses when the company went bankrupt.”