Trio of Westminster voices meets for a natter

Alasdair Morgan, left, and Richard Arkless with George Thopson (sitting)
Alasdair Morgan, left, and Richard Arkless with George Thopson (sitting)

An historic political meeting took place on Saturday at Senwick House near Borgue when the region’s three SNP MSPs to have made it to Westminster met for the first time.

Dumfries and Galloway is the only constituency in Scotland that has sent three different SNP MPs to London and all three – George Thompson, Alasdair Morgan and Richard Arkless – met in the grounds of Senwick House where George is now a resident to chat about their shared experiences of life at Westminster.

The get-together had been suggested by local SNP branch convenor Drew McMorrin who realised that Dumfries and Galloway had this unique political history and he set things in motion for the three men to meet.

Sadly, after making the initial arrangements for the meeting Drew passed away suddenly. However it was decided that the event should go ahead as planned in his memory.

Richard Arkless MP said: “George, Alasdair and I are all very grateful to Drew for instigating this meeting. Drew was a very passionate supporter of the SNP who played a key role in my recent campaign. He would have loved to have been here this morning. I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with George and Alasdair, they are both very inspirational men.

“George was an MP in the 1970s and it was wonderful to hear all his stories about his time at Westminster. Alasdair travelled all the way from Dunfermline for this meeting and I am so glad he was able to do so. We have exchanged phone numbers and I have invited him to get in touch the next time he is in London. It is my absolute privilege to follow in the footsteps of these great men, men who are still so highly regarded both locally and within the SNP group.”