Trial recycling uplift to start on Monday

A new bin collection system due to start in the Newton Stewart area on Monday could potentially save the council half a million pounds.

A community meeting of the Wigtown Area Committee on Wednesday night discussed the revamped collections of waste in the town on a trial basis.

Elected members and members of the public received a presentation of the current system and the new format that has been introduced to reduce the £435,000 local authority overspend that was incurred after the multi-bin system was introduced in the autumn of 2014. Dumfries and Galloway Council elected members have always maintained the zero waste policy was forced on them by the Scottish Government through the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 that placed a duty on councils to arrange for the separated collection of dry recyclates and food waste at source rather than use the sorting facility at the Eco-Deco plant in Dumfries.

Currently in Wigtownshire the kerbside recycling scheme is operating with six dry recycling vehicles and four food waste vehicles.

It is anticipated that remodelling collections would allow the removal of the separate food waste vehicles and associated temporary staff and reduce the dry recyling fleet by one vehicle and the staff of that vehicle - showing a proposed reduction in total costs of £426,829.

The trail will see four recycling boxes (paper and cardboard; plastics, cans and cartons; glass and food waste) uplifted by a single vehicle.

Scottish Government funded Zero Waste Scotland turned to Bryson Recycling to review the process and look for solutions. They recommended incorporating the food waste collection into the dry recyclates vehicles. They also want drivers to sort recycling instead of remaining in the vehicle as current instructions dictate. Bryson said the new method of collection would improve staff morale as they would have less physical contact with material and the feeling of being more productive.