Transport Scotland report provides more questions than answers for councillors

Stranraer and the Rhins councillors Willie Scobie and Tommy Sloan believe the latest STPR 2 Report from Transport Scotland does not given enough attention to Loch Ryan Port, or indeed the region as a whole.

The councillors wanted to see more about Loch Ryan Port in the report
The councillors wanted to see more about Loch Ryan Port in the report

The councillors have many questions about the contents of the report, which gives scant reference to improving transport links in Galloway.

There is a proposal for Girvan station to be developed as a bus/rail interchange for Newton Stewart and Loch Ryan ferries, with a rail service every two hours to Stranraer.

There would also be an electrification of the railway line between Ayr and Stranraer.

Councillor Scobie said: "There appears to be only one mention of Loch Ryan Port and must beg the question as to what does this mean when when there is absolutely no mention of upgrading the Stranraer station or further rail link to the ports at Cairnyan.”

There are several references to the A77 including partial dualling south of Ayr, reducing the potential for landslips at Glenapp, and realigning the road from Auchencrosh to Ballantrae.

It is also proposed to bypass all towns and villages on the A77 between Ayr and Stranraer where there continues to be urban speed limits, while also introducing speed calming measures through villages and towns on the A77.

Councillor Scobie said: "Whilst we should welcome the improvements, any improvements should be to dual carriage standards.

"Again we should welcome the realignment between Auchincrosh to Ballantrae, but there may be an opportunity being lost to build a new section of road.

"This would be the same for the geotechnical work needed at Glenapp that makes mention of the landslide and the cost rather than looking at alternative new route recognising the importance of the ferry ports.”

Councillor Sloan added: "Bypassing all towns and villages is a must and why would these be bypassed without bringing them up to dual carriage way standards?”

There is no mention of any work planned for the A75.

Councillor Sloan said: "Is that an underhanded way of saying the Scottish Government is leaving it to the UK Government through the Unions Connectivity Review without really saying it."