Trailer theft warning from police

Police have issued a warning to trailer owners following a number of thefts across Galloway.

Officers said this week that varying degrees of security have been overcome by thieves and it is suspected that majority of these crimes have occurred during the hours of darkness.

Chief Inspector Irvine Watson said: “We have had a number of thefts of trailers across Dumfries and Galloway reported over recent months and I urge all those who own such items to ensure that they are stored or secured properly.

“I would also welcome any calls to 101 from members of the public regarding any suspicious activities around areas were trailers are stored or anyone towing a trailer who appears to be acting in a suspicious manner. It would appear that the majority of these thefts may have occurred during the hours of darkness.

“If you would like your local Crime Prevention Officer to do a free security survey on your property, please call us on 101 to organise.”