Second hearing for A75 petition

The petition aims for the A75 to be upgraded to dual carraigeway
The petition aims for the A75 to be upgraded to dual carraigeway

Matt Halliday of the Dual The A75 campaign group attended the Scottish Parliament for the second hearing of his petition to have the A75 upgraded.

Mr Halliday had been invited to Holyrood by local MSP Finlay Carson to be present as the petition came before committee for the second time.

The petition itself made good progress with the committee re-iterating its request for the Scottish Government to set a timetable for improvement works and stating that the Transport Minister will be called before a future committee if an answer is not forthcoming. The petition will receive it’s third hearing in the new year.

Mr Halliday said: “My visit to parliament today has been very constructive and I have been heartened with the positivity shown towards the much needed upgrading of the A75.

“I have been particularly pleased by the comments of the petitions committee.”

Finlay Carson said:“I welcome the Committee’s decision to write to the Minster for Transport and the Islands seeking certainty on the timescales around the completion of the strategic transport projects review and national transport strategy review, which works to the A75 are being considered as part of.

“As a result of measures announced in the Autumn Statement, the Scottish Government will receive an £800 million uplift to spend on Scotland’s infrastructure. I have called on Humza Yousaf to invest some of this money in our region and get the ball rolling on bypasses for Springholm and Crocketford.

“I commend the efforts of Matt and the Dual the A75 campaign group and will continue working with them as the petition progresses”.