Towns reject traditional music festival funding plea

A music festival due to be held in Newton Stewart will not get money from the Whithorn and Wigtown Common Good funds.

Festival organisers will be advised to apply to the Wigtown Area Committee’s Discretionary Budget instead.

The application from the Newton Stewart Traditional Music Festival was to fund a documentary photographer; documentary film makers; a sound engineer and a live sound workshop. Although the scoring panel of council officers recommended the sum of £1000 come out of the Whithorn and Wigtown Common Good coffers, the community councils of both towns did not agree.

Wigtown Community Council stated the common good fund “should be exclusively used for projects of lasting benefit to the inhabitants of Wigtown”, while Whithorn Community Council added: “The fund from the Whithorn Common Good should be spent within the geographical boundary of the Whithorn burgh and should be for the benefit of burgh residents rather than special interest groups.”