tory candidate wants ‘enterprise zone’ for Stranraer

The Conservative candidiate for the Scottish elections, Finlay Carson, reacted this week to John Swinney’s announcement that an SNP Government would put £6 million towards the development of Stranraer Harbour Waterfront.

Mr Carson said: “It is pretty rich of the SNP to pledge £6 million for Stranraer Harbour Waterfront when it was the SNP that removed Stranraer Harbour Waterfront from their own Government’s list of Strategic Infrastructure Priorities, back in 2008. That would have injected £8 million into the regeneration of the waterfront, never mind the £6 million that is now being pledged.

“Furthermore, the SNP have had nine years in power to do something about this unacceptable situation but, other than set up a task force under Alex Neil and Nicola Sturgeon, which has delivered precisely nothing, they have ignored the issue almost completely.

“This announcement should be seen as no more than the cheap electoral bribe that it surely is. Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned – John Swinney has been doing the same for the last nine years while Stranraer’s waterfront has slowly deteriorated before our eyes.

“My own view is that the next Scottish Government should create an Enterprise Zone for the Stranraer area offering business rates relief, a fast track planning process, high speed broadband priority and skills and training support, and that is what I will fight for if elected on 5th May. Stranraer doesn’t need the SNP’s sticking plaster – it needs a long-term strategic development plan with an enterprise zone to encourage inward investment”.